Finding Escuela Pedro Ascensio
Rural school (12k)    Rural school (12k)    Rural school (12k)    
Finding the school itself was the hardest part.  
We had sent word that we were coming, via fax and 
telephone calls to people in town and asked that 
they get word to the school about our visit.  

We weren't able to hook up with the people we needed 
to and couldn't get directions to the school.  With not 
a lot of time to spare, we just decided to drive up to 
the area around the Cerro Chincua reserve and ask for 

We met a boy on the road who knew where the school 
was.  We headed that way.  We drove up a long drive 
and introduced ourselves.  People started walking 
towards the school from all directions.  There was 
no school that day because their teacher was at a 
principals meeting.  Someone had keys to the school 
and let us in.  Eventually we had quite a crowd.  
The people were incredibly warm and thankful for 
our visit.  They were very proud of their small school. 
Rural school (12k)    

Rural school (12k)
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