Journal Entries

Where is Frankie this week?

Frankie is on his way home.
He should arrive in West Virginia
sometime this week.

Do you have any Questions?
For Frankie.
For the teachers involved in this project.
For students at the schools Frankie visited.

Frankie always carries a camera and journal.
You can see pictures of places he has been 
and read about things he has learned there.

Read Frankie's journal entries:

The Mission Preparation back in WV Visit a school in Mexico City Touring Papalote Road trip to Angangueo Finding El Rosario Exploring Angangueo Hiking at Cerro Chincua Mariposa Monarca Workshop Visit Escuela Primaria Isaac Arriaga Finding Escuela Pedro Ascensio Visit to Buckman Elementary Avocado goes to Orlando Go to Kindergarten at Ross School Visit Hosmer School Boston Sidetrip
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