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Hiking up to the Monarch Sanctuaries

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What a hike!  To get to Cerro Chincua 
you have to walk for 45 minutes, at least.  
It is all up-hill.  One of the teachers has 
a GPS device and informed the group that 
we were having trouble breathing because 
we were at an altitude of 11,000 feet.

That is a huge change for many in the group.  
Some teachers are from Florida where the 
altitude is only 5 feet above sea level.

The monarch colonies are moving down into 
the valleys now because it is warming up.
They will be leaving soon.  When we reached 
the bottom of the main hill we sat down and
talked with the group of scientists who came
with us.  

They are from the University of Minnesota and
the University of Florida at Gainsville.  Each of
the scientists have all sorts of questions about
the monarch that they are trying to answer.

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