How it all started!
You had to ask: We have had so many people asking, "How did this whole Frankie thing get started." We thought we'd show you.

Date: Tue, 11 Feb 1997  
To: [email protected] (Sara  H. McClintic)
From: [email protected] (Karen Wilkinson)
Subject: Reporting from the road

>Sara, > >I am going to be traveling with a group of 6 elementary school teachers (K-4) from >around the country to the monarch sanctuaries at the end of February. I would >be glad to bring the bear along and create a few web pages centered around the >reporting. It would be a nice way for all of us to think about reporting >on what we've done. It would also be a nice way for students to learn >about what all we find. We will be visiting rural and urban schools, >Papalote Children's museum and sanctuaries around Angangueo. > >Interested? Let me know. > > >-karen >

Date: Wed, 12 Feb 1997 16:45:00 -0400 To: [email protected] (Karen Wilkinson) From: [email protected] (Sara H. McClintic) Subject: Re: Reporting from the road
Karen: Wo-oa!! More than I expected, much more!!! That sounds great! You may have gotten some of the background on my efforts...I'm the technology coordinator at our school (a rural school in West Virginia) and I'm trying to promote teaching with technology as an enhancement (not a replacement) to traditional instruction. I assisted the first and third grades in gathering info on the Monarchs (and both classes had "babies" that they released and tagged in the fall). The third grade also sent "paper monarchs" as part of the project and hope they all return in the spring with a message from their Mexican counterparts. So, this has been an on-going project and any input that you and others can give will greatly enhance their learning. "Frankie" is a cuddly brown bear with a built-in backpack. He has a journal introducing the class efforts and a disposable camera. If it will not be too much trouble to take him along on this expedition, it will be greatly appreciated. (I am also in the process of writing a homepage outlining all my "roving reporter's" missions--there's 5 in all--and I hope to have it completed by the end of the schoolyear. Frankie's ready to go, so all you have to do is give me the word--and the address!! Hope to hear from you soon... Sara

Date: Tue, 11 Mar 1997 19:05:19 -0400 To: [email protected] (Karen Wilkinson) From: [email protected] (Sara H. McClintic) Subject: Re: Re: Reporting from the road
Karen-- It's been a while since we touched base...Did you receive "Frankie," our roving reporter? Was he able to make the trip to Mexico with you and your group? How about your expedition, did it go well?? Please be in touch if/when you get a chance-- Sara McClintic

Date: Tue, 11 March 1997 To: [email protected] (Sara H. McClintic) From: [email protected] (Karen Wilkinson) Subject: Frankie made it to Mexico and back
Sara, Yes. Frankie made it and he was quite popular down in Mexico. It was great! Our first day back at work was yesterday, so I have been overwhelmed. I will send a URL with Frankie photos soon. Maybe even later today. We really had fun with Frankie. -k

Date: Mon, 24 March 1997 To: [email protected] (Sara H. McClintic) From: [email protected] (Karen Wilkinson) Subject: Frankie Pages
Hi Sara, Have you been able to access the Frankie pages? We are re-doing some of them because of requests from the schools. Frankie arrives in Watertown, MA tommorow morning at 9:00am. Deb King and Laura Newman are his hosts there. We would like you and your students to ask questions that students at each school will respond to. Deb and Laura teach 2nd/3rd grades. To get an idea of how will we use the questions look at this page- They can also ask questions to the other students. 1) Avocado Elementary - Homestead FL 3rd grade gifted classroom Frankie will be going with them on a fieldtrip to Epcot Center. 2) Buckman Elementary Arts Magnet in Portland, OR 3rd and 4th grade classroom 3) Ross School - in San Francisco, CA Kindergarten Send responses to me or to [email protected], we will be putting the individual classrooms addresses on each page soon. Thanks again. Frankie has been a real catalyst for creative thinking. -karen ____________________________________________ Here is an email that I got from Deb King this morning - The Hosmer School anxiously awaits the arrival of Frankie. Laura is making a graduation cap and ( among other activities) we plan to take him into Harvard to receive an Honorary Degree this afternoon. I checked our main office and he has not yet arrived but the school is on the look out!!! I almost thing we have planned for Frankie is an interview with a reporter from our local newspaper. Can you give me some background on him. Where in W. Virginia does he come from (name of town, school etc.). How does he connect with people initially? Where has he been? Any other bits of info you think of. If you can give me a fax # I will fax a copy of the report to you.

Date: Tue, 25 Mar 1997 19:13:26 -0400 To: [email protected] (Karen Wilkinson) From: [email protected] (Sara H. McClintic) Subject: Re: Update
Karen-- Great to hear from you! Yes, I did view the Frankie pages, but not on my own station. I still can't access any of the URLs, but we'll be on Spring Break next week, and I hope to solve that problem. I'm so happy to hear that Frankie has been a help and not a hindrance to your efforts. I didn't know how this project would be received. The response and acceptance has been overwhelming. I do have to present the basis of the project to the Bell-Atlantic School division on April 8, so I will be developing some web pages to link with what you've already done. (That, too, will have to wait until Spring Break!) Please let me know of any/all URLs about Frankie and the project. I want to link them all when I get my part finished. ********Some background on Frankie: (Officially a "roving reporter" for Frankford Elementary School in Greenbrier County, West Virginia. Part of an Internet Curriculum Development project developed by Sara Hill McClintic, Technology Coordinator) I found him just "hanging around the mall" (literally) over T-giving break. Knowing that I needed to develop a springboard for my Internet curriculum projects, my mind was constantly mulling over ideas to get the students interested, while at the same time developing an educational activity. On the day that I found Frankie, I was strolling through a local mall with my daughter, when we saw the cutest little bear "pajama bags" hanging on a vendor's display. Upon inspection, I found that they had velcro closures on the back side designed to hold pj's. Thinking this would be a great notebook/field supply holder, I purchased two of them--thus my project began. Frankie and 2 moose cousins were on display at J.C. Penneys--right across the mall divide. As soon as I saw those 3, I knew they belonged with the pj "ragamuffins" I'd just purchased. On my way home, I pondered different I-net assignments for each of my little guys and by the time I got home, I was ready to brief them on their "missions!" I rushed them to my home office; issued each one a notebook, a disposable camera, and their individual assignments. During that introductory session, I took still-image videos of them getting to know each other and learning about their assignments. I plan to use those images in my homepage to explain our efforts. Each "roving reporter" has a unique assignment: Frankie was to go to Mexico to locate the monarch butterflies and report his findings. (He's sponsored by our 3rd grade classes who tagged some monarchs in the fall and participated in the paper butterfly exchange.) Toby, one of the pj bears, is now in Dallas, Texas, with the Cowboys. He is being chaperoned by a former student from our school who now works as a trainer for the Cowboys. (He's part of a 6th grade project to promote Math and career exploration.) G. R., another pj bear, is traveling the state of West Virginia (in less than 80 days, we hope.) We've kinda lost track of him, but I put out an APB over our state k-12 tech list, so I hope to hear from him soon. (He's part of a 4th grade West Virginia studies/Internet awareness activity.) Rudy, a stuffed moose, is in Germany with a 2nd grade class. He has been communicating with us through e-mail and also sent a long lost cousin, Pretzel, to our second graders. (Pretzel was dressed in traditional German clothing when he arrived.) Rudy is part of a 2nd grade class activity to promote e-mail/snail mail penpal activities and cultural awareness. Clem is also a moose--a white one with a big red nose. Clem is in Alaska now with a 5th grade class. His mission was to follow the Iditarod dogsled race and record notes in his journal. Although the race is over, his hosting class asked if he could stay a little longer so they could continue to tell us about life in Alaska. (He's part of a 5th grade project to learn about current events; word processing activities; Internet awareness; U.S. history. That's basically the story of the "Roving Reporters." They were just a bunch of "animals hanging around the mall," but now they've all fulfilled the missions I asked of them--and seem to be off to even bigger things. They all have a special place in my heart! (By chance all these reporters are boys. Girls would have been just as capable, but they weren't in the right place at the right time--maybe next year!) ************ Sorry I got so long-winded, but as you can see, it's an evolving project--and I still don't know how it will all end...I have made so-o-o many Internet contacts through this project. It truly is a "world-wide web!" S

Date: Tue, 25 March 1997 To: [email protected] (Sara H. McClintic) From: [email protected] (Karen Wilkinson) Subject: Re:Re: Update
Sara, Thanks for the "behind the scences" info on Frankie, I plan to include that in the website too. Stories like that always make things more personable and fun. Regarding Frankie pages - We are going to put the new Frankie pages in place of the old (all of the old stuff is still there - it is just enhanced now!) You'll be able to access the - Donde esta Frankie pages directly from the Monarchs and Migration site (starting at 10pm tonight) -k

Date: Fri, 4 Apr 1997 20:49:38 -0400 To: [email protected] (Karen Wilkinson) From: [email protected] (Sara H. McClintic) Subject: Re: Update
Karen, I just got into the "Frankie" pages (I had to load Netscape--my old browser wouldn't access the site). Anyway, GREAT!!! I really like the way the pages were laid out--journal style. I will be working on my presentation about Frankie and his other buddies all weekend. Hopefully, I'll have an address you can check out soon. (I may wait until after my meeting in case there are suggestions/changes/etc. from other curriculum team members.) Did you, by chance, keep the "history of the roving reporters" that I zapped you about a week ago. I didn't save a copy of it, but would like to use parts of it to preface the background for my presentation. And, I'll admit it, I'm too lazy to rewrite/rethink it!!! If you have a copy, just zap it back to me; if not, I'll dig it out of my "clogged" memory!?! Thanks for everything (and I'll be back in touch)... Sara

Date: Thu, 17 Apr 1997 19:00:30 -0400 To: [email protected] From: [email protected] (Sara H. McClintic) Subject: Frankie! Cc: [email protected]@[email protected]
WOW!!! I've just spent the past 2 hours catching up on Frankie's travels. I am amazed that so much has evolved from what I considered to be a "small" project when it all started--and on my end it has, indeed, been minimal--but everyone else has gone above and beyond!! When the basis of this project started (back in the fall), our school was to be hooked up to the 'net by the end of December. We're still not hooked up and probably won't be until summer. Thus, I have printed out most of the info (once I loaded original browser wouldn't let me access your URLs) and have shared the info and pictures of Frankie with the classes involved. Because of the delay in getting our Internet connection at school, the students have not been nearly as involved as I had intended (it's kind of like "virtual Internet" right now.) They do enjoy getting the info that I send and are looking forward to Frankie's return to "hear" it from him!!! Thanks for caring, sharing, and making this a true "worldwide" project!! Sara

Date: Sun, 27 Apr 1997 19:43:36 -0400 To: [email protected] From: [email protected] (Sara H. McClintic) Subject: FRANKIE Cc: [email protected]
Karen/Debi... I stumbled across your communications about the Mixed-up Flight Plans RE Frankie. Hope this hasn't been too frustrating. I realize how difficult it has been trying to coordinate Frankie around Spring Breaks, Open House, illnesses, etc. He has permission to further extend his travels through May. Our school will be out for summer on June 9, so if we get Frankie back in early June, the students will have time to enjoy his findings! I have only served as a catalyst on this project, but I am overwhelmed by the response and acceptance of Frankie as a spokes"bear" for the monarch effort. Our school is not yet wired for Internet, so I print out most of the info at home and share it with my classes at school. I've also had some trouble sending e-mail through my Netscape Navigator (it bombs my system whenever I try :-{, so we haven't been able to respond/or ask Frankie direct questions. Through your notes, I get the idea that you might be interested in doing a similar project (with up to 5 clones!) next year. I hope, if you do pursue that avenue of thought, that you will contact me, as I would again like to be a part (even it's just providing the catalyst as I did this year.) I think the Science Museum is doing some really great things with educational Internet! Tell Frankie "Hi" and to continue on with his extended mission. The more education he gets, the more we'll get!!--and we've never had a bear from our school receive a degree from Harvard!!! Thanks for being so patient and creative with this project... S
Date: Tue, 6 May 1997 19:20:08 -0400 To: [email protected] (Karen Wilkinson) From: [email protected] (Sara H. McClintic) Subject: Re: Update Status: RO
Karen-- I've just been checking out the Frankie pages. Looks like he's having a great time at Hosmer. We just finished our school carnival; it appears similar to the circus Frankie attended. We received a batch of paper monarchs about 3 weeks ago, but they were all written in Spanish! Our students had no idea what they said (and neither did I), so we've arranged with the Jr. High Spanish teacher and her students to translate into written English. This is another extension to the original project that I didn't foresee when making plans... I will also be displaying Frankie's mission and pages that I've pulled down about his travels next week at our project fair. The things that have been done above and beyond Frankie's original mission have really added to the project. Thanks to you and all the others who have provided the enthusiasm to keep this activity going... S

Date: Tue, 20 May 1997 17:56:16 -0400
To: Karen Wilkinson 
From: [email protected] (Sara  H. McClintic)

Subject: Re: Frankie
Hey, Karen... Hope all is well. I have been following Frankie's progress across the web! He's really had a fantastic journey. Let me know when you guys are ready to send him back. Thanks so much for your enthusiasm and participation in this project. All my little guys have successfully completed their missions and the students are really having a great time reading journals, looking at photos, etc. There were times that I wondered if it was all worth it (when I was having a really difficult time tracking all of them), but the payoff has been great as far as what the students (and I) have learned. I have "virtually met" some really great people through these projects. Notes: (1) I saw my first monarch of the season yesterday in my backyard!! (2) The paper monarchs arrived about 3 weeks ago, but our students couldn't read a word of Spanish!!!, so we requested the assistance of a local jr. high Spanish class. They did a nice job with the translations and enjoyed being involved!