Butterfly Gallery (14k)

Collection of Images
Students, teachers and families are sharing images related to butterflies.
Do you have something to share? Send it 2us@smm.org.
Butterfly (7k)Butterfly (7k)
Butterfly Collection
(Images from the Internet)
Photo album (10k)
Monarchs & Migration
Photo Albums

Stories about butterflies
People are sharing their stories about butterflies, monarchs, and migration.
Butterfly Stories - drawing (9k)
Monarch stories from
a K-1 classroom
Mariposa story title screen (10k)
A visit to monarch
sanctuaries in México

Jenna's Kid Pix pictures (12k)
Jenna's monarch
picture book
Frankie the teddy bear reporter (12k)
Find Frankie
(the teddy bear reporter)
Monarch emerging(12k)
Fifth graders build an
outdoor science classroom


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