Maya of Venustiano Carranza

The Tzotzil town of Venustiano Carranza sits on the lone mountain in the Grijalva River valley and is culturally distinct from the other Maya communties of the cooler highlands. The delicate open weave of their costume, well-suited to their tropical climate, as a style of weave that has been used throughout the Maya lowlands for at least a thousand years. Textiles such as these are represented in the paintings and lintels of Bonampak, a Maya city of the 9th century. The woven fragments recovered from the sacred well at Chichén Itzá in the Yucatá are also similar in construction and design.
(above right) Ceiba tree.

Textile Design


(above left) Cotton shirt with red cotton and purple, yellow, green and pink acrylic brocade.
(above right) Detail of cotton shirt showing Ceiba Tree design.

Maya of Highland Chiapas

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