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The Maya of Tenejapa

Maya of Tenejapa

At the beginning of this century, t.n of Tenejapa did not know how to brocade. Then Santa Lucia, patroness of Tenejapa weavers, appeared to several women in dreams and asked them to make a brocaded huilpil for Her. In order to fulfill Her wish, the women traveled to the Tzotzil towns of San Andres Larrainzar and San Pedro Chenalho to study the art of brocading. The women of Tenejapa are now among the most creative and active weavers in the Chiapas Highlands. They organize workshops and competitions. They buy material in bulk from the factories in Mexico City, and they serve as officers in Sna Jolobil , the Chiapas weavers' cooperative.

Maya of Highland Chiapas

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