Presenter Registration

Thank you for your partnership with the Science Museum of Minnesota. Please fill out the following information with as much detail as possible.

Organization Information
Activity Information

You will receive one eight-foot conference table with two chairs.

Do you have any additional logistic needs? Any safety concerns we should be aware of in advance? Anything you think will make our safety officer or conservation staff itchy? We may not be able to accommodate all requests.

A few quick reminders:

  1. For the protection of the nearly two million objects in our collection, food and drink are not allowed in the area of the museum where you will be. Please do not bring food with you, or give away any food items.
  2. The museum does not permit stickers to be given away to visitors.
  3. Please tell us if you plan on distributing flyers or handouts. We generally discourage this. (The reason for this is...well...we’re Minnesotans. If you ask us to take a flyer, we’ll do it, even if we don’t really want to, just to be polite.Then, when we think you can’t see us any more, we’ll either leave it somewhere or we’ll just toss it. As a result, the materials tend to end up everywhere, except going home with the visitor who took it.)


Feel free to direct any questions regarding the event to Ana Kaveh at (651) 221-4709 or


Feel free to direct any questions regarding the event to Keith Braafladt at (651) 221-2536 or

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