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researcher wading and gathering water sample

The 2004 team at an ovoo near Dalai Nüür including cooks, drivers, and researchers

Mongolia Project

In summer of 2004 and 2005, a team of international scientists from Mongolia, Belgium, and the United States traveled over 3000 km across the western Mongolian steppe to survey the region's lakes, streams, and springs. Our international partnership represented the Science Museum of Minnesota, the University of Minnesota, St. Olaf College, the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences, the National University of Mongolia, and the Mongolian Academy of Sciences. We surveyed water chemistry, diatoms, ostracodes, and chironomids from over 60 lakes. At each lake or sampling site, physical and water chemistry data were taken, water samples gathered for lab analysis, and biological and sediment collections made. These data and organisms are the foundation of the first survey of water quality and paleoecological indicators in the Valley of the Great Lakes. More Details?