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Member Parking Rates

Members can park in the Science Museum parking ramp for $5. Simply show your current Science Museum membership card at the parking booth and you will be charged the correct amount. Please note that you must have your current, most recent membership card with you to take advantage of this benefit. If you forget your card, please ask for a temporary membership card at the Box Office.


Event Parking
If there is event parking, show your current membership card on the way in and get charged the $5 member discounted price. If you don't have your card, pay the event parking fee and stop at the Box Office for reimbursement.

Visit our Directions and Parking pages for more information.

Today's Parking Update - Sep 1, 2015

No special events today. The Science Museum's 800-space parking ramp is open all day, providing convenient parking for museum guests.

Upcoming Event Parking
9/11/15- -$12Pre-pay- Begins at 3PM
9/12/15- -$12Pre-pay- Begins at 3PM
9/13/15- -$12Pre-pay- Begins at 3PM
9/15/15- -$10Pre-pay- Begins at 3PM
9/21/15- -$10Pre-pay- Begins at 3PM