CUBA photos


Once the gateway to the New World, Cuba is a place of dramatic history. Havana was the richest city and largest port in the Caribbean for 300 years. In the CUBA giant screen film, which opens on Friday, March 1 in the Science Museum’s William L. McKnight-3M Omnitheater, viewers will meet national historian Eusebio Leal and learn about his dream to restore Cuba’s architectural treasures to their original elegance.


Cubans cherish the American cars from before the famous trade embargo of the 1960s. They can’t get the original parts, so they rely on ingenuity. Somehow they keep sixty-thousand old cars running in Havana alone. Omnitheater visitors will learn more about this important piece of Cuban culture in the CUBA Omnitheater film, which opens on Friday, March 1.

Organic Farming

When the Soviet Union collapsed, its aid to Cuba ceased. Modern farming methods failed, and tobacco and sugar cane farmers returned to “old” ways of farming, replacing chemicals with natural fertilizers and tractors with oxen. In the CUBA Omnitheater film, viewers will meet scientists who are studying the surrounding reef life to determine what kind of impact these farming practices changes had on Cuba’s waters.

Street Scene

In the brand new CUBA giant screen film, Omnitheater viewers will see that this island nation is a place living in three eras at the same time: the past lingers, the present flows on, and the future beckons. The film, which opens on Friday, March 1, lifts the veil on this once-mysterious southern neighbor to show viewers the history, art, science, and spirit of its people.


The largest ballet school in the world, with over 3,000 students, is not in Moscow or Paris but in Havana. In CUBA, Omnitheater viewers will meet up and coming ballerina Patricia Torres and learn how her dream of becoming a professional ballerina has been woven into her life since her early childhood. CUBA opens on Friday, March 1 in the William L. McKnight-3M Omnitheater at the Science Museum of Minnesota.

Reef life

Reefs encircle the island of Cuba, and, as viewers will find out in the CUBA Omnitheater film, they harbor a scientific mystery. Scientists are studying the notably healthy reef life and drawing conclusions as to how the nation has been able to support this flourishing life. CUBA opens on Friday, March 1 at the Science Museum of Minnesota.

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