Mazes | Science Museum of Minnesota

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It’s MEA Break! Due to high demand, we strongly encourage reservations to make your visit more pleasant. Skip the Box Office line and purchase tickets online.
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Fun around every corner!

Maneuver your way through a collection of mind-bending adventures, 3D puzzles, and full-body games. Join fellow visitors in a fun quest to perfect your problem-solving skills and cultivate your creativity!

Climb through an intricate rope maze, wind your way through an elaborate floor maze, run a marathon with your fingers in a finger maze, get lost in a network of color in a color maze, and use all you’ve learned to create your own maze for others to navigate. Mazes will test your perceptions and challenge your logic and reasoning in a collaborative, silly, and fun way.

Included with museum admission.

Mazes is at the museum through Sunday, January 7.