Infestation: the evolution begins

This 90-minute experience — equal parts interactive theater, game, and puzzle room, and entirely one-of-a-kind — begins and ends in the Lab Theater on Level 4. In between, you’ll discover intriguing secret spaces and beat challenges that test your understanding of evolution. Sounds fun? Of course, it does!

The Lab Theater seats only 25 lucky players.

The Infestation actors performing the show.

Animal breeder Chris is domesticating a strange new creature with assistance from you (and the fundamentals of evolution). It's fun, funny, and perfectly safe... as long as everything goes according to plan. We're sure it will.

Image of two actors handling the Vista monsters in the Infestation show.

Whoops. While Chris is filling out the incident report and Alex is rebooting the biosecurity system, YOU have to prove your understanding of evolution to Administrator Jobsworth, earn your VISTA license, round up our fuzzy friends, and save the VISTA research program for another day. And you've got a limited amount of time to do it. No problem, right?

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