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The Human Body

The Human Body has concluded its run at the Science Museum of Minnesota


The Human BodyBODY WORLDS & The Cycle of Life gives you a once-in-a-lifetime glimpse into what you're made of. In addition, you can take that biological experience a step further in the William L. McKnight-3M Omnitheater. The Human Body Omnitheater film gives you a larger-than-life look at the daily biological processes that go on without our control—and often without us even noticing! Using innovative film techniques and the latest medical and scientific imaging, The Human Body shows you the ordinary miracles that keep your body running from morning till night.

See colorful thermal images of bodies in motion, opening up a world not of light, but of heat. Follow a tomato on its journey from a salad plate all the way to the biological blender of the stomach. Get a sneak peek at the inner ear and learn how it responds to loud noises and music. Join a red blood cell on its journey through the heart. Witness the neurons fire a warning sign as a driver reacts to a dangerous situation on the road. And watch as a woman's body changes and adapts to accommodate the incredible daily growth of her unborn child.

Run Time: 45 minutes


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