Great Partners: Organizations

Here are some notes and instructions to ensure a smooth visit for your clients:

To validate the coupon(s) just sign your name, print the client's name, and distribute. Please sign the coupon yourself - do not make photocopies of your signature. This will help the Box Office staff be sure the coupon is original and legitimately coming from your organization.

Give out one coupon per family/client. Clients do not hand in the coupon at the box office; they keep it for future use during the time period listed on the coupon. If they lose it, you may give them another one.

Make sure you manage who signs the coupon. There have been a few instances of these coupons being distributed indiscriminately; please help us keep them few, so we don't jeopardize the program. You need to make sure that only your clients are using your organization's coupon. Do not share your coupon with other organizations. If you partner with organizations that might be interested in becoming Great Partners please direct them to contact me. I am happy to set them up as a new Great Partner.

Bonus discounts for your clients: 10% on food service and store purchases at the museum. Clients must show the coupon to get the discounts

We do not gather any personal information from individuals. We record only your organization's name each time your clients show the coupon in order to track the number of visits. After 10 visits (10 household units) in a year, we'll send you 100 free vouchers. You may use these vouchers to give to anyone you choose, or to bring a group to visit the museum.

When your agency visits the museum as a group and you pay for everyone with a credit card or a check, the Great Partner coupons do not count toward your 10 visits. The purpose of the coupon is for families and individuals to visit on their own.

If you offer transportation to the museum for a small number of your clients, and if they pay admission charges as individuals using their Great Partner discount coupons, their admission will count toward your organization's 10 visits.

Your agency can send groups of clients (up to 50) and receive the Great Tix for Groups rate of $3 or $5 per visitor. You must follow the steps for Great Tix for Groups reservations found here on our website:

Be sure to tell other organizations about the program. More than 25,000 people came to the museum through Great Tix in the last fiscal year. That's great, but we know this number can be higher. Help me increase the number of people using the Great Partner coupon. Have interested organizations contact me:

Erica Valliant
Community Engagement Specialist
Museum Access & Equity

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