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Live Presentations

Science Live Theatre, Demonstrations and Presentations! Included with admission. 20-minute shows are the perfect complement to your curriculum.

Teachers may request any show that matches the given times. Reservations must be received four weeks in advance. All shows, unless otherwise noted, are on the Atrium Stage on level 3.

Demonstrations & Presentations - 10:30 a.m., 11:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m.

Earth Science, Physical Science
Enjoyed by all ages

Meet our special guest: Liquid Nitrogen! Join us in this demonstration of its chilling feats and freezing cold temperatures.

Destination Outer Space - opens February 15
Enjoyed by all ages
Put on your moon boots and experience an action packed demonstration exploring the obstacles and challenges of a Journey to Space. And, yes, there will be rockets launched!

Fire Triangle!
Enjoyed by all ages

Join us for a combustion demonstration and witness the impact fire has on the three basic forms of matter.

Me, Myself and Microbes - written by the Museum of Science, Boston
Enjoyed by all ages
Did you know you are not alone? 100 trillion bacteria live in your body. Join us to find out how scientists are studying the human microbiome in search of cures for diseases.

Sound All Around
Physical Science
Enjoyed by preschool-2nd grade

Join us for this noisy demonstration and explore the sound all around you.

Theatre & Puppet Shows - 10:30 a.m., 11:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m.

Duck, Duck, Gray Moose!
Enjoyed by pre-school-2nd grade
Learn about moose in this puppet show for preschool students and find out what scientists are doing about the dwindling moose population in Minnesota.

Goldie's Bears
Enjoyed by pre-school-2nd grade
Goldie needs help looking for all the different kinds of bears in the world—all 8 major species.

Meta the Monarch
Enjoyed by pre-school-2nd grade
Meta the butterfly puppet has a lot on her mind and she could use your help as she learns about the process of metamorphosis and monarch migration.

Splish and Splash
Enjoyed by pre-school-2nd grade
Choose your own adventure with our water droplets, Splish and Splash, and explore the many ways in which humans use water in this comedic performance.

The Way the Ball Bounces
Physical Science
Enjoyed by 2nd grade and up

Participate in the scientific process! In this comedic performance, we will ask a question, hypothesize, experiment, model, and demonstrate our results.