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The Science Museum of Minnesota knows educators!

"Having exhibits that support or reinforce a standard is just what is
needed to cement learning for students"
- St. Paul science teacher

Finding Science Museum resources aligned with Minnesota Academic Standards is easy. Check out our new searchable online database. Email us at with questions or suggestions.

Zebra Mussels seriously damage aquatic ecosystems and cause millions of dollars of damage annually. Learn More
The Dead Zone is a computer interactive about the Gulf of Mexico. Learn More
The Gorge diorama offers a visual history of the Mississippi River gorge, while the Lake Itasca diorama highlights the wildlife that makes up this Minnesotan ecosystem. Learn More
See the history of Lake Pepin over 10,000 years. Learn More
Maps abound in the Mississippi River Gallery, including a large interactive map of river segments on large, movable tiles. Learn More
The Gorge details the history of the Mississippi River gorge. Learn More
View the current and recent weather at the Science Museum using scientific tools. Learn More
The Wild Rice component includes the lifecycle, harvesting, and ecology of wild rice. Learn More
Topple towers, move objects through a maze, and turn movement into paintings! Learn More
Did you know humans are now the dominant force of change on the planet? Learn More