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The Science Museum of Minnesota knows educators!

"Having exhibits that support or reinforce a standard is just what is
needed to cement learning for students"
- St. Paul science teacher

Finding Science Museum resources aligned with Minnesota Academic Standards is easy. Check out our new searchable online database. Email us at with questions or suggestions.

The Dinosaurs and Fossils Gallery amazes with world-class pre-historic dinosaur and fossil displays and interactive exhibits. Learn More
Gaze at the claw of a giant ground sloth and learn about the 20 foot long creature that used to roam the warm forests of the Americas. Learn More
Discover clutches of dinosaur eggs and learn about how quickly baby dinosaurs grew up. Learn More
Use a slider to reveal the origins of oil and coal; two energy sources that come from plants and animals over 60 million years ago. Learn More
What happened in North America after the dinosaurs died out? In the Primeval Swamp, you can travel back 60 million years to find out. Learn More
Explore dinosaur skeletons and fossils of ancient life in the Dinosaurs and Fossils Gallery on Level 3 by inviting students to think like scientists as they make observations, collect information, and make interpretations about ancient life Learn More
Take a whirlwind tour through the rainforests of central Africa and Southeast Asia to meet the great apes. Children wiggle and swing with the puppets as they learn exactly what makes an ape an ape. Learn More
Sparks fly, hair stands on end, and students are shocked and amazed by demonstrations of electricity. Learn More
Join us on a quest to find the most talented endangered insect. Learn More
How much energy does it take to power a light bulb? Students will find out by becoming a source of energy! Learn More