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The Science Museum of Minnesota knows educators!

"Having exhibits that support or reinforce a standard is just what is
needed to cement learning for students"
- St. Paul science teacher

Finding Science Museum resources aligned with Minnesota Academic Standards is easy. Check out our new searchable online database. Email us at with questions or suggestions.

Explorations—Air and Weather directs students to observe weather and weather patterns outdoors and using exhibits in the museum galleries. Learn More
There are a number of academic standards that all of our galleries support. Learn More
Discover the secrets of Lost Egypt, and learn how archaeologists use science to gather information about ancient civilizations. Learn More
The Cell Lab is a hands-on wet biology lab located in the Human Body Gallery. In the lab you get the chance to don a lab coat, gloves, and goggles, and perform science experiments using real lab equipment. Learn More
Examine the properties of blood through up to three different tests. Learn that blood is much more than a red liquid. Learn More
In Cheek Cells, examine some of your own cheek cells under a microscope. Explore what your own cells look like up close. Learn More
Extract strands of DNA from raw wheat germ. Wind the slimy strands on a glass stir rod. Learn More
Analyze how the enzyme, amylase, found in your saliva, aids in digesting food. Learn how digestion of food actually begins in the mouth. Learn More
Stain DNA from fruit fly salivary glands and examine the DNA tightly coiled into chromosomes under a microscope. Learn More
Identify one of four 'unknown' common bacteria using staining techniques and chemical tests. Learn more about the kinds of bacteria that help keep you healthy and how scientists distinguish one type of bacteria from another. Learn More