Native Waters: Sharing the Source

Native Waters: Sharing the Source is a 500-square-foot traveling exhibit designed in collaboration with Montana State University and tribal communities living within the Missouri River basin. Part of a water education initiative, the exhibit features a mix of playful water science interactives and powerful stories from native cultures. Native Waters: Sharing the Source creates opportunities for Missouri River tribes to learn about water science and resource issues within their own cultural context. After a preview at Montana State University in September 2003, the exhibit traveled to Missouri River basin tribal communities' schools, museums, libraries, and cultural centers.



Native Waters
The exhibit floor plan is based on the Plains Indian tipi liner and outside cover.


Native Waters
Which watershed is better for the river? Pump water from clouds onto two different watersheds—one in a rural landscape, and one in an urban area—and compare how quickly the river fills up.


Native Waters
Nonpoint-source Pollution Marble Game. Guide a marble "raindrop" to the lake without letting it fall into such pollutants as oil spilled from a car or an animal feedlot.


Native Waters
Four different audio stations feature water stories told by children and adults.


Native Waters
The high-definition film A Dream for Water focuses on water stories in the present and features people who are making a difference in the Missouri River basin.


Native Waters
Each panel includes symbols, quotes, and photographs, all of which embody symbolism of traditional ways of knowing about water within the tribes of the Missouri River basin.
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