Math Moves! presents over twenty interactives where visitors playfully investigate ratios and proportions. Enacting math can be a powerful tool for exploration and understanding. In Math Moves! visitors use their bodies, their gestures and their words to set up, measure, describe and compare ratios and proportions. The exhibit encourages a collaborative approach to problem solving with open-ended activities that provide opportunities for visitors to talk about solutions to the exhibit's challenges.


  • 5,000 square feet
  • Over 20 interactive stations
  • Open-ended and inviting for all visitors
  • Range of multi-sensory experiences, from full body to fine motor
  • Bilingual—English and Spanish
  • Increased accessibility through audio labeling and tactile elements
  • Website with family and educator resources
  • An exhibitor friendly, turnkey operation


Lease Terms

  • Beginning Jan. 2016
  • 3 or 6-month lease. Preference and discounts provided for double bookings.
  • Inbound shipping
  • Vendor provided installation/de-installation staff to direct your assembly crew
  • 5 day installation and 5 day deinstallation

Traveling Exhibition Venue Schedule

LocationOpen DateClose DateStatus
Seattle, WA January 2016April 2016Completed
San Antonio, TX May 2016September 2016Completed
Richmond, VAOctober 2016January 2017Completed
Houston, TXFebruary 2017April 2017In progress
Sioux Falls, SDMay 2017September 2017In progress
Vancouver, BCSeptember 2017January 2018Booked
Nashville, TNJanuary 2018May 2018Booked
Concord, NHJune 2018September 2018Booked
AvailableSeptember 2018January 2019Available
Kalamazoo, MIFebruary 2019June 2019Booked
AvailableJune 2019September 2019Available
AvailableSeptember 2019January 2020Available
AvailableJanuary 2020May 2020Available
AvailableMay 2020September 2020Available
AvailableSeptember 2020January 2021Available

Note: Tentative bookings are not listed online. Please contact us to confirm the availability of the venue of your choice.

Tour will continue based on demand and availability.

Explore Math Moves

Math Moves! Overview


Drawing with Gears
Drawing with Gears
Use a set of proportional gears on an ingenious drawing machine to create beautiful and mathematically complex designs. Work out the math if you dare!


Whole, Half, Double
Whole, Half, Double
Using your whole body, figure out how to adjust the size and shape of your shadow. Grow your shadow into a monster as you play around with the concepts of half, whole, and double.


Movie Ratios
Movie Ratios
Create stop-motion movies, and then play them back at double or half speed. What happens if you take four shots of every scene before moving props to their next position?


Partner Motion
Partner Motion
Work with a friend to graph your relative rates of motion. Watch as your speed and position are recorded on a screen. Can you get good enough to draw simple pictures with your body motion?


Scaling Shapes
Scaling Shapes
Use blocks to “scale up” a variety of shapes by doubling height, width, and depth. From the basic building unit of a block come a variety of shapes and levels of difficulty, offering a challenge to all.


Sensing Ratios
Sensing Ratios
Take the challenge! Create graphs by manipulating two tone generator arms, listening to the tonal relationships and watching your graph develop on the screen.


Comparing Frequencies
Comparing Frequencies


Partner Motion
Partner Motion
Work with a friend to graph your relative rates of motion. Watch as your speed and position are recorded on a screen. Can you get good enough to draw simple pictures with your body motion?
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