Journey to Space

Developed in partnership with the International Space Station Office of NASA's Johnson Space Center, the California Science Center and the partner museums of the Science Museum Exhibit Collaborative, the 5,000 to 10,000-square-foot Space exhibition invites visitors to experience traveling to, living and working in space. Visitors are immersed in the challenges that astronauts—and the engineers and scientists that make their journeys possible—face. Space premiered at the Science Museum of Minnesota in 2015 and is now touring to museums throughout the United States. Space features interactive exhibits, whole body experiences and authentic artifacts that engage visitors with the unparalleled adventure of space exploration.


  • Scalable from 5,000 to 10,000 square feet. Size and price your presentation. Choose the components you want to include.

  • Big WOW! Factor: Full scale, walk-through rotating labs modeled after an International Space Station laboratory.

  • Little (People's) WOW! Factor: The International Space Station Dollhouse

  • Loads of engaging interactive components to choose from:
     - Control the mini robotic Canada arm
     - Blast off water rockets
     - Fire ion engines
     - Power your space station through Earth's shadow
     - Perform weightless experiments
     - Create artificial gravity
     - Design your own space colony
     - Experience the space station toilet
     - Test the destructive power of micrometeorites
     - Float in the space mirror 

  • Space food, clothes, and tools

  • Bilingual—English and Spanish


Lease Terms

  • 3-month leases. Preference and discounts for double leases

  • Inbound shipping

  • Vendor provided installation/de-installation staff to direct your assembly crew

Traveling Exhibition Venue Schedule

LocationOpen DateClose DateStatus
Saint Paul, MNFebruary 2015September 2015Booked
Los Angeles, CAOctober 2015May 2016Booked
Portland, ORJune 2016January 2017Booked
RefurbishmentFebruary 2017September 2017Booked
Miami, FLJuly 2017September 2017Booked
Dallas, TXOctober 2017May 2018Booked
Boston, MAJune 2018January 2019Booked
Kitchener, ONFebruary 2019April 2019Booked
Houston, TXMay 2019September 2019Booked
Memphis, TNOctober 2019January 2020Booked
Montreal, QCFebruary 2020January 2021Booked
AvailableJanuary 2021May 2021Available
AvailableMay 2021September 2021Available
AvailableSeptember 2021January 2022Available
AvailableJanuary 2022May 2022Available
AvailableMay 2022September 2022Available
Atlanta, GAOctober 2022January 2023Booked
AvailableJanuary 2023May 2023Available

Note: Tentative bookings are not listed online. Please contact us to confirm the availability of the venue of your choice.

Explore Space

Space: An Out-of-Gravity Experience Overview


Dangers of Space
Explore the dangers of space.
See the hole blown through a thick metal plate by a simulated meteoroid, and examine a spacesuit arm cut open to reveal the 10 layers of materials designed to protect astronauts from the hazards of space.


Projections from Earth
Projection of Images of Earth
Gaze at the beauty of Earth as astronauts see it when you watch a large projection of images of Earth taken from orbiting spacecraft.


Animations of Orbital Flight Physics
Animations of Orbital Flight Physics
Don’t understand why astronauts float? Select questions and view short animations that help explain the amazing physics of orbital flight.


Pressurized Glove
Pressurized Glove
Discover why working in a spacesuit is so difficult when you use a pressurized glove to complete a simple task.


Robotic Arm
Robotic Arm
Control a robotic arm the way astronauts on the International Space Station do, using hand controllers and video monitors.


Space Toilet
Space Toilet
Sit on a mock-up of a space toilet and learn how everything from going to the bathroom to eating and exercising is different in space.


Space Station “Dollhouse”
Space Station “Dollhouse”
Play with a space station “dollhouse” and imagine what it would be like to live in space.


Destiny Lab Module
Destiny Lab Module
Get a taste of the disorientation experienced by first-time astronauts when you enter a full-sized mock-up of the International Space Station’s U.S. Destiny Lab module.


Mars Magnetic Wall
Mars Magnetic Wall
Imagine life on Mars as you use magnets to construct a colony on the red planet.


16-foot Drop Tower
16-foot drop tower
Explore the effects that weightlessness has on common objects using a 16-foot drop tower equipped with slow motion instant replay video.
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