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Engineering Immersion Residencies

Engineering is ElementaryInnovative in-classroom experiences that combine teacher professional development with dynamic engineering instruction for students.

Modeling engineering lessons and pedagogies is an effective way to increase teacher understanding of what engineering will look like in your classroom and how it can connect to other disciplines.

Program Outcomes

Intensive evaluation has shown not only that students perform better on science and engineering assessments after an immersion residency, but also that teachers who have had a residency teach science and engineering more effectively the following year.

Residency Deliverables

Science Museum staff will:

  • Develop the plan and schedules to teach EiE lessons in your classroom setting
  • Deliver selected EiE units as determined in planning and scheduling sessions, modeling effective instruction techniques
  • Provide teaching tips and ideas for integrating engineering with your other curriculum

Teachers will:

  • Observe and participate with students as they experience selected EiE units
  • Learn organizational and planning techniques for engineering instruction
  • Discuss and review EiE implementation and student learning with Science Museum staff
  • Increase confidence in engineering and technology instruction

Students will:

  • Engage with real-world engineering challenges
  • Make connections to science curriculum
  • Set a strong foundation for future engineering learning

Program Costs: $225/classroom session (travel fees may apply)
Grade Level: Variable by recommended grade bands for EiE units

For more information, please contact:
Emily Poster
(651) 221-4540


Engineering is Elementary (EiE)