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Lost Egypt

About the Exhibition

Lost Egypt has concluded its run at the Science Museum of Minnesota.

Lost EgyptIn Lost Egypt, you'll dig in to the ways archaeologists are using modern science and technology to uncover and understand the fascinating civilization of ancient Egypt.

Highlights of the exhibition include:

  • A face-to-face encounter with a real Egyptian mummy. You'll learn who this person was in life based on the forensic evidence that has arisen after intensive scientific study;
  • The first life-size rapid prototype, created using digital CT scans, that gives a glimpse of the mummy in a stage of "unwrapping";
  • Hands-on activities that will help you explore archaeology and the information that it reveals. You'll use specially-shaped geometric blocks to build a tabletop pyramid, piece together three-dimensional pottery puzzles, interpret hieroglyphics, walk through a recreated tomb hallway decorated with traditional Egyptian artwork, and more;
  • Interviews, video footage and photographs from actual scientists who are working in the field;
  • A wide array of authentic ancient Egyptian artifacts that give us clues as to what life was like in Egypt thousands of years ago. You'll see stunning pottery, animal mummies, canopic jars, ushabtis, an offering slab, a funerary stela, statues of Egyptian gods and goddesses, amulets, and more.

Lost Egypt was developed by COSI, the Center of Science and Industry in Columbus, Ohio and built by the Science Museum of Minnesota. Artifacts are on loan from the Brooklyn Museum and the Academy of Natural Sciences. Photography © 2008 Brad Feinknopf. Mummy scans © 2005 Akhmim Mummy Studies Consortium.