Water K-2

About this Experience

The Water Assembly weaves the learning goals through a dynamic presentation that features student volunteers, large-scaled props, models and interactive demonstrations. Demonstrations look at how water changes in observable patterns during the Minnesota seasons. Observations about how liquids change shape or need a container to hold it give students a way to tell the difference between water - a liquid, and ice - a solid. The assembly also explores how people use water and impact water quality.


PROGRAM OPTIONS: K-2 Water is available as either a large group assembly or an in-depth residency.

ASSEMBLY MAX: 150 students

DURATION: 40 minutes (all K-2 assemblies)

Learning Goals
  • Water in nature can be a solid or liquid.
  • Animals, plants and people need clean water to live.
  • Scientists make observations about water and how water changes.
  • Water and seasons change in observable patterns.

Reservation Information

Specific Cost
$325 first assembly, $275 subsequent assemblies, $125 residency class. Travel fees may apply.
Reservation Required
Grade Level
K, 1, 2
Academic Standard Strand
Nature of Science & Engineering
Experience Type
In-School Assembly
Run Time
40 minutes
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
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