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Light & Lasers

About this Experience

Experiment with lights and lasers to see how light behaves in this dynamic and "illuminating" class. Hands-on investigations will allow students to discover that light passes through some objects and is redirected, reflected, or absorbed by others. Students will apply what they have learned to direct a beam of light through a mirror maze.

Minimum/Maximum class size: 16/32 students

Learning Goals
  • Light travels in a straight line until it interacts with an object.
  • When light interacts with an object it may be reflected, redirected, absorbed or allowed to pass through.
  • Formulate reasonable explanations based on evidence collected from observations or experiments.
  • Measure the light's angle as it reflects from a mirror, identifying it as acute, right, obtuse.

Reservation Information

Museum Admission plus Additional Fee
Specific Cost
$6 per student
Reservation Required
Grade Level
3, 4, 5
Academic Standard Strand
Physical Science
Experience Type
Learning Lab
Run Time
50 minutes
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Only at the Science Museum of Minnesota