Engineering K-5

About this Experience

Engineering K-5

Whole School (K-5)
Engineering offers the opportunity for whole school engagement. Each residency topic opens with a grade-level appropriate, large group assembly followed by in-class investigation session(s).


ASSEMBLY MAX: 150 students (K-2), 250 students (3-5)

CLASSROOM MAX: 30 students

DURATION: Opening Assembly - 40 minutes (K-2) or 50 minutes (3-5), Residency Class - 50 minutes



In these in-depth classroom sessions, students will explore how engineers use science, math, and creative thinking to solve problems and create new technologies.

    • Mitten Makers - Grades K-2
      Using the engineering design process, conduct experiments and design a mitten that is warm, water resistant and flexible.
    • Bridge Builders - Grades K-2
      Work in engineering teams to solve a design challenge. Through the Engineering design process, build a bridge that spans a roadway and supports weight.
    • Super Structures – Grades 3-5
      Investigate the strength of various shapes made with dowels and rubber bands. Teams combine these discoveries with their knowledge of geometry and their understanding of engineering design to build a Super Structure bridge or tower that can hold a load up to 8 pounds. 
    • Air Dancers - Grades 3-5

      Design teams create models of devices that would hold people for a new amusement park. The rider is attached to an engineered  construction that will be lifted by a moving column of air in a wind tube. The connections between the students' steps and engineering design processes are revealed as teams share how they produced their person-carrier.

Wind Tube Science provides context setting for the activties in Wind Tube Design. Both classes should be taken during the same residency.

    • Wind Tube Science - Grades 3-5
      Investigate how rising air in wind tubes affects the motion of objects and what happens when changes are made to the objects. Strive to discover what changes to make in order for an object to move in a particular way.
    • Wind Tube Design - Grades 3-5
      Follow the process of engineering design to develop a device that exhibits a particular motion in a wind tube. Consider factors that affect the device's motion, take measurements to determine if criteria are met, and keep track of different versions. Share with classmates your experiences of thinking like an engineer.


For more information on class sessions and standards alignment, call (651) 221-4748 or email

Reservation Information

Specific Cost
Opening Assembly $275, Class Session $125
Reservation Required
Grade Level
K, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Academic Standard Strand
Nature of Science & Engineering
Experience Type
In-School Residency
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
At Your School
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