About this Experience


Create a human circuit, see your hair stand on end and discover how magnets help to create electricity. Class sessions are designed for students in grades 3-5.


ASSEMBLY MAX: 250 students

CLASSROOM MAX: 30 students

DURATION: Opening Assembly - 50 minutes, Residency Class - 50 minutes



In these in-depth classroom sessions, students will...

  • Invisible Forces - Grades 3-5
    With two basic detecting tools, learn to explore the electromagnetic world around you! Through observation and experimentation, form a working understanding of how magnets and electrically charged objects behave when they interact with other objects. Apply your understanding of these principles to solve the mystery of "magical" movement.
  • Electromagnetism - Grades 3-5
    What makes motors move? And where do we get our electricity? Find out by exploring wires, solenoids, magnets, compasses, and more! An in-depth look at the invisible interactions that power the electromagnetic world around us.

For more information on class sessions and standards alignment, call (651) 221-4748 or email schooloutreach@smm.org.

Reservation Information

Specific Cost
Opening Assembly $275, Class Session $125
Reservation Required
Grade Level
3, 4, 5
Academic Standard Strand
Physical Science
Experience Type
In-School Residency
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
At Your School
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