Are you committed to making substantive change to improve educational outcomes for each and every student?  At Science House, we are too.  And we think that you will find that the level of professional development from Science House is unsurpassed. People in our programs consistently report that our intensive planning, attention to detail, and ability to create trusting professional communities are stand-outs in the field.  Moreover, we are highly skilled in a variety of adult facilitation techniques, have synthesized research from a variety of fields into powerful PD experiences, and maintain a laser focus on equity, engagement, and relationships.

Having worked with over 40 school districts across five states, several departments of education, governmental agencies, and non-profits, our team is experienced. Our comprehensive program evaluation evidences that our professional development brings about personal and collective transformation.  Our work is about making the world more just and engaging the full humanity of people with whom we work and for whom we serve.

Join us for this important work — because if it were easy, it wouldn’t be hard!

Current 2018-2019 Institutes and Programs

The PAGE Leadership Program - Veterans
Colloquium II2 DaysDecember 13-14. 2018(Thursday and Friday)
Colloquium III2 DaysFebruary 14-15, 2019(Thursday and Friday)

Audience: Leaders who have participated in the PAGE Foundations program or the Nexus Foundations 2015-16 & 2016-17 cohorts are invited to attend PAGE Colloquia II and III in 2018-19. Participants who have been a part of other Science House programs will be considered on a case by case basis. If you have questions regarding eligibility, please contact us at

Cost: The cost of the 2018-2019 PAGE Veterans program is $950 per person. This fee includes 4 days of professional development, parking in the Museum ramp, consumable materials, textbooks, journals, light breakfast, and lunch. Evening meals, mileage, and hotel are not included.

Registration Deadline: November 7, 2018


RACE Institute
June 25-29, 2018

Applications for the 2018 program are now closed.

The highly regarded RACE Institute is designed for school-based teams of educators who are committed to making their schools and classrooms more just and equitable places to learn at high levels. Using the RACE: Are We So Different? exhibit as a starting place, the RACE Institute will explore the complexities of race within school communities through immersive, powerful, multi-sensory experiences. This is a challenging institute and will call on you to examine your own biases, reflect on your teaching practices, and make connections between these biases, practices, and school policies. Exercises, readings, and discussions are carefully designed to engage you and your colleagues in trust-building and civil discourse.

During this institute, we will focus content on the ways in which race and other aspects of identity are created, reinforced, and employed to perpetuate inequality. You will consider the social construction of identity and systems of oppression, examine the way implicit bias informs behavior, investigate the relationships between race, gender, class, and status, and explore the unique role of schools in maintaining racial hierarchies and contributing to racial disparities. In the process, you will develop skills around seeing multiple perspectives, developing and maintaining norms, and fostering productive group behaviors.

Audience: Teams must be from a school in Minnesota and consist of 2-4 education professionals with a passion for addressing racial disparities within their school. At least one person should be in a formal leadership position in your school; all team members should be prepared to be informal leaders of driving racial equity at their school. Inter-disciplinary teams are strongly encouraged. The institute is capped at 24 participants in order to build community, deepen trust, and explore challenging issues.

Cost: The RACE Institute is made possible with funds provided by Minnesota’s Legacy Amendment, which will cover labor, parking, breakfast and lunch, consumable materials, textbooks, and journals. For teams traveling from outside the Metro Area, mileage, evening meals, and hotel will also be provided. To ensure school commitment, teams accepted into the RACE Institute will be invoiced $100 per person.

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Bringing About Positive Change in Districts: The PAGE Leadership Program

Applications for the 2018 program are now closed.

Summer Institute5 DaysJuly 16-20, 2018(Monday thru Friday)
Colloquium I2 DaysOctober 25-26, 2018(Thursday and Friday)
Colloquium II2 DaysDecember 13-14, 2018(Thursday and Friday)
Colloquium III2 DaysFebruary 14-15, 2019(Thursday and Friday)

PAGE is the Science Museum of Minnesota’s flagship program for leaders in K-12 education. Dedicated to supporting diversity, promoting inclusion, increasing access, and achieving equity in educational systems, PAGE is designed to support leaders in bringing about meaningful and lasting institutional change towards greater equity and inclusion within schools and across districts. This transformative program has been developed and refined through multiple awards from the National Science Foundation and focuses on leadership, beliefs, systems, relationships, and complexity.

During PAGE, you will engage with fellow leaders and the facilitation team in critical questions and discussions about leading in complex systems and profound ways of bringing about new behaviors and actions in your context. You and your colleagues will develop skills in systems thinking; practice strategies for facilitating highly productive teamwork and collaboration; and examine the relationships between identity, systems of oppression, power, and status.

The PAGE community of educational leaders is powerful. It includes over 40 districts from five states in the Upper Midwest and collectively capitalizes on the wisdom of urban, rural, and suburban contexts. District leaders include superintendents, assistant superintendents, school board members, curriculum directors, Q-comp coordinators, principals, teacher leaders, and instructional coaches. The PAGE community also includes teams from several State Departments of Education.

PAGE is transformative. As one district leader put it, “My leadership has been shaped by PAGE PD. I lead my faculty meetings using facilitation strategies. I formulate questions to guide staff to identify disparities. My feedback to staff from either room stop-ins or formal observations is to support the lenses of PAGE. Being aware of systems helps me as I facilitate new initiatives in my school.” Another put it this way, “This experience has been life-changing and career shaping. It calls me to be something better, someone, better than I was before. It has opened my eyes to see things I would have missed.”

Audience: District- or school-based leadership teams are eligible to participate in PAGE. Individual team members should 1) have a passion for addressing critical issues of access and equity in education 2) provide professional development, training, coaching, mentoring and/or leadership to K-12 teachers; and 3) have a district- or school-wide perspective. We encourage teams that are culturally, racially, and economically diverse.

Cost: The cost of the 2018-2019 PAGE Foundations program is $2450 per person. This fee includes 11 days of professional development, parking in the Museum ramp, consumable materials, textbooks, journals, and light breakfast. Lunch during the institute, evening meals, mileage, and hotel are not included.

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