Science House has a wealth of experience in helping organizations transform their institutional culture through professional development. We are known for synthesizing and translating research from a broad array of disciplines to make a real difference to the organizations we work with.

Science House Professional Development

We’ve worked intensively with leadership teams, whole schools, grade level bands, and district-wide Professional Development from over 40 districts throughout Minnesota and the Upper Midwest. Our reach extends nationally to our work with Informal Stem Centers and their partners, and our clients range from elementary schools to universities and cultural institutions to unions. We have project management resources, and qualified and credentialed facilitators. Collectively, we are members of the National Science Teachers’ Association (NSTA), the Association for Science & Technology Centers (ASTC), and the National Association for Research in Science Teaching (NARST).

Most of importantly of all, we are passionate about eliminating disparities, creating inclusive environments, and getting to the heart of the issues that matter to your organization as we work collectively to effect positive change.

We measure our success by the impact we have on the organizations we work with. All projects are different, but we bring the following to all of our work:

A belief in each and every learner’s potential

First and foremost, we believe in the potential of each and every learner we work with, and each and every learner you work with. If learners aren’t reaching their potential and meeting or exceeding high standards, it’s about what we as educators are doing - or not doing. We operate from a Funds of Knowledge perspective rather than a deficit or assimilationist view.

Unique expertise in Professional Development knowledge and practice

We’re acknowledged as being at the forefront of insight into the intersection of STEM, identity, and leadership in complex systems. Beyond offering professional development services, through our NSF-funded work we have made serious contributions to the field, publishing articles and abstracts, presenting our case studies at conferences nationally, and creating powerful models of systems change. This work has enabled us to help the organizations we work with to better understand their learners and staff and to be more focused, strategic and sustainable.

Dedicated Professional Development specialists

Our work grows out of the perspectives on our team over the past 10 years:  elementary through college educators; scientific, educational, and social researchers; LGBT and straight people; indigenous and western Euro people; bilingual and monolingual people; teachers of science, English, special education, and elementary school; up-and-coming and experienced leaders. We create unique professional development experiences and program structures that integrate STEM, access and equity, and leadership to transform both our own practice and the learning experiences of the educators and leaders with whom we work.

We don’t do ‘silver bullet’ strategic planning or trainings where we reveal the answers. Instead, we will show you the messy workings; we’ll involve you in our deliberations; we’ll draw on your knowledge and insight; and we’ll question, debate, and challenge your thinking.

We’re also happy to share our skill set, train your staff and build your capacity to do more of the work in-house. Our best clients are those with whom we’ve built trusted partnerships and shared a journey of discovery.

Transformational practices

At Science House, we have an earned reputation for shifting peoples’ paradigms and bringing about personal and collective transformation through caring deeply, instilling inclusive group norms, fostering disruptive innovation, and rethinking STEM. We want our work to be widely shared and used. More than that we want our work with you to be a constant source of reference: to influence and inform policy and practice. We ensure that our professional development modules, language, and recommendations are sensitive to, and connect with, the sensibilities and concerns of nested communities of practice. We’ve consulted research, colleagues and work hard to design professional development that transforms individuals and systems.

The resources of the Science Museum of Minnesota at our fingertips

From our world-class and award-winning exhibits to conference spaces and top-notch catering services; from exciting field trips and program packages to residencies and assemblies at your school—Science House can connect you with the vast resources available of the Science Museum of Minnesota.

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