Field Trip Prices & Discounts

For school groups visiting Tuesday - Friday (except school holidays), and arriving no later than 12:30 p.m. Advance reservations are required for all field trips.

Admission Prices

Reduced Price Eligibility*
Omnitheater + Museum Admission$13.00$5.00
Museum Admission$8.00$3.00


* Schools with 50% or more of their students approved for free and reduced-price meals are eligible for the museum’s Reduced Price Program.

Payment must be received two weeks in advance of the visit by credit card or single check. Changes may be made prior to payment and no later than two weeks prior to your visit by calling (651) 221-9444 Monday - Saturday between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.

If paying by check we recommend payment being sent three weeks or more prior to arrival. We do not accept purchase orders.


Bus Subsidy Program

There are two kinds of bus subsidies to help cover transportation expenses to the museum. Limited funding is available to offset the transportation cost of a field trip occurring between October 1, 2019 and April 30, 2020. Only one subsidy per school per year. Grants will be given on a first-application-received basis until funds are gone. Payment from the museum will be made in the form of a reimbursement to the district or school after the field trip has occurred.


United States schools that fall into one of the two following categories are eligible to apply for funding, one grant per school. Schools in the Upper Midwest are encouraged to apply. Grants will be disbursed until funds are gone.

  1. $300 for schools whose student population consists of 50% or more of students eligible for free or reduced-price school meals.
  2. $500 for schools located 100 miles or more from the museum.

To Apply

  • Call (651) 221-9444 to make a field trip reservation. Reservations can be made pending approval of scholarship.
  • Complete the application online (this was a link to the application). The completed application must include the field trip reservation number, date, and the number of students.
  • Educators will be notified of status within two weeks of submission.
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