Future Earth

With its finite resources, Earth’s seven billion inhabitants need some big ideas to continue to flourish. Learn about the cool solutions innovators are creating to help our global population – projected to be nine billion by 2050 – survive and thrive on a continuously changing planet.

Science on a Sphere
Science on a Sphere

This six-foot diameter globe uses video projectors to display planetary data. It’s an unforgettable demonstration of changes to our planet.

Future Earth Pinball
Energy Pinball

Send a pinball rolling through two different systems and see how creative re-use of energy could dramatically reduce our total energy consumption.

Future Earth Lights
Can You Keep the Lights On?

In fracture-critical human systems, catastrophic failure can occur when just one element fails. Build a resilient power grid that can survive a lightning strike!

Future Earth is funded by the National Science Foundation, with support from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the University of Minnesota's National Center for Earth‐surface Dynamics.

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