Saturday, July 13 2019

10 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Walk with dinosaurs for a day as we kick off a new tradition - Dino Fest!

• Check out our newly refreshed Dinosaurs & Fossils Gallery

• Meet Dr. Alex Hastings, our new Fitzpatrick Chair of Paleontology

• Take a peek inside the Paleontology Lab

• See and touch actual dinosaur bones from the Science Museum's world-class collection

• Hear local paleontology experts present their work, including colleagues from Macalester College and The University of Minnesota, as well as our own Dr. Hastings (schedule below)

• Learn how Dr. Hastings combines his two passions: comic books and dinosaurs!

• Grab a photo with the newest member of the Science Live Theatre team, a juvenile T. rex with lots to teach you about what life was like during the Cretaceous period!

• See some modern-day dinosaurs in the form of birds from SeaQuest, and learn all about what they have in common with our favorite dinosaurs

• Meet a live alligator from the Minnesota Herpetological Society (noon - 4 p.m.)

• Enjoy dino-themed make-and-take activities, and much more!

All dino festivities are included with museum admission.




11 a.m.
How to Train Your Dinosaur


11:30 a.m.
Hunting for Dinosaurs with Dr. Alex Hastings


12 p.m.
Dinosaur Life and Death in the Late Cretaceous of Madagascar with Dr. Raymond Rogers, Macalester College


12:30 p.m.
Deciphering Dinosaur Lives with Dr. Kristi Curry Rogers, Macalester College


2 p.m.
Dinosaurs from the Bottom of the World with Dr. Peter Makovicky, University of Minnesota


3 p.m.
Comic Books & Dinosaurs with Dr. Alex Hastings


All events take place at the Atrium Stage, 
located on level 3, adjacent to the Dinosaurs and Fossils Gallery.

Supporting Members

You’ll have a spot in the museum all to yourselves with refreshments, family-friendly activities, and a dinosaur photo booth with props. (Curious about Supporting Membership? Learn more about the perks now!)

New Dino Gear

Now Available: A new line of Science Museum dinosaur apparel inspired by the Thunder Lizard hoodie.

Your purchases support the ongoing education programs: busing, student access, regional assemblies, educator resources, on-site/at school visits, programming and much more.

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