Social Science: Cosmos

Thursday, April 12

6-10 p.m.

Get out there.

Cheers to the cosmos! On April 12, nearly 60 years ago, astronaut Yuri Gagarin became the first person to venture into space. To celebrate, we’re sweeping you lightyears away for an evening of exploration and fun. Enjoy a cosmo as you build your own satellite, drop a parachute from stories high, and learn to communicate in space. Adventure awaits! All you need is curiosity and a bit of stardust.

It’s okay to be a kid at heart, but you’ll need to bring a valid 21+ ID to this Social Science event.

Science Museum MembersNon-MembersMPR MembersGroups of 15 or more

Purchase Tickets Online

Tickets may also be purchased by calling (651) 221-9444 ext. 0.

To ensure Social Science is accessible for everyone, the Science Museum offers an income-based discount. Attend Social Science for only $3.00. To qualify, you must be enrolled in one or more of the following: TANF, MFIP, WIC, General Assistance, Medical Assistance, MinnesotaCare, Supplemental Security Income, Social Security Disability Benefits, Food Stamps, Section 8, or Free/Reduced Price School Meals. To apply, present your photo ID and one of the above documents at the museum box office.

UMN Solar Vehicle Project
MN Astronomical Society
The Thinkery, Austin, TX
JPL Solar Ambassadors
Saturday Night Space Opera
UMN Wearable Technology Lab
The Bakken
Free Metro Transit rides

Leave your car behind - Metro Transit is offering free rides on buses and light rails from 5 p.m. to 11 p.m. for Social Science. Get your free pass today!

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