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Are you a Science Museum member? Members are able to register 2 weeks before the general public and receive member camp pricing! Now is the time to join or renew your museum membership.

Prepare before you log in or call! Have all of the following information ready:

•Your camp selections by name and week of the camp
•Age*, birthdate, special needs, and any allergies for all the campers you’re registering
•Information for an emergency contact person who is not listed on your main museum account

Registering online? Know your login email and password prior to registration. If you forgot your password, visit our login page and select “Help, I forgot my password” to reset. If you are unsure of your login email address, contact 651-221-9444 for assistance.

Registering by phone? Please call 651-221-4511. We experience a high volume of calls once registration opens, so please try again if your call goes to voicemail.

*Age categories must be observed to ensure the best possible experience for all children in the class. If you have any questions about age requirements please call 651-221-4511.


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Reaction Lab

Get ready to think like a scientist as you create chemical reactions, experiment with dry ice, engineer a slow roller game, and explore motion. *Previously titled Mad Scientist’s Lab
Age(s): 6-8
Monday through Friday, Aug 26, Aug 27, Aug 28, Aug 29, Aug 30
Science Museum
Course Code: YXRLB0826
Fee: $188, $179 Members

Wizard School

Explore the science in potions, magic tricks, and other wizarding secrets. Complete challenges to earn house points. Test your skills with feats from each professor. Create a light-up wand that would make Ollivander proud. Note: campers will handle and/or consume food in this course.
Age(s): 9-12
Monday through Friday, Aug 26, Aug 27, Aug 28, Aug 29, Aug 30
Science Museum
Course Code: YNWIZ0826
Fee: $188, $179 Members

This class is full but you can get onto the waitlist for free.


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