All Summer Camps Scholarships for 2019 have been awarded.


How It Works

Scholarships to Science Museum summer camps are distributed through a random lottery.

  • Drawings begin when registration opens for members on Tuesday, February 12.
  • You will be contacted if your family is selected.
  • Apply only once; drawings continue until all funds have been distributed.
  • If you are NOT selected, your payment will NOT be processed.
  • No payments are processed unless a scholarship has been awarded, and you will be contacted before your payment is processed.

Two Levels of Scholarships

Scholarships for 85% of the fee are available for families currently receiving public assistance in the form of TANF, MFIP, General Assistance, WIC, Medicaid or Medical Assistance, SSI, Foodstamps, MN Care, Section 8 Housing, or Free or Reduced Price School Meals. You will be awarded or declined depending on the availability of funds.

Scholarships for 50% of the fee are available for other families needing assistance. These awards are based on financial need and availability of funds.

To Apply

  1. Complete the one-page scholarship application. Your application cannot be processed without proof of assistance or a copy of your latest tax return.
  2. Complete a class registration form. Be sure to list a second choice in case your first choice is full. You may register for one class per student, per session (summer, fall, spring).
  3. Enclose payment for class. If no funds are available or the class is full, your payment will not be processed.
  4. Send scholarship application, financial information, class registration, and payment to:

    Summer Camps
    Science Museum of Minnesota
    120 West Kellogg Blvd.
    Saint Paul, MN 55102

Please note that our refund and cancellation policies apply to scholarship co-payments. Read our complete policies or call (651) 221-4511.

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