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Cell Lab


Cells Alive
Cells Alive provides film and computer-enhanced images of cells and organisms for educational and medical purposes. Interactive opportunities include puzzles and quizzes to test your knowledge of cell biology.

National Human Genome Research Institute
The National Human Genome Research Institute evolved from the Human Genome Project begun in 1990 to map the human genome. The Institute offers current information for researches, educators, and the general public on topics related to the human genome, genetics, and biomedical advances.

Genetic Science Learning Center
The Genetic Science Learning Center, hosted by the University of Utah, provides introductory information on DNA and genes, as well as cellular biology. The center also provides virtual labs, activities related to DNA, and lesson plans for teachers which include instructions, student worksheets, and answer keys.

National Science Teachers Association
The National Science Teachers Association is a member-driven organization of science educators, providing links, activities, and guides for all grades, kindergarten through college.

Check out other exhibits similar to the Cell Lab:

Denver Museum of Nature and Science
The Denver Museum of Nature and Science is currently hosting an exhibit similar to the Cell Lab, called Expedition Health.

Maryland Science Center
The Maryland Science Center hosts the exhibit BodyLink, which offers an exploratory wet lab experience for budding scientists of all ages.

Saint Louis Science Center
Saint Louis Science Center created the Life Science Lab, a new space dedicated to educational programming, offering unique and scientifically authentic educational experiences to the public in the areas of genetics, biotechnology, agriculture, medicine, and health.