Theya Molleson

Theya Molleson

Theya Molleson and Peter Andrews, both from the Natural History Museum, London, lead the research team studying the human remains at the site. Detailed analysis of the skeletons can reveal information about such things as age, sex, height, weight, diet, disease, injuries, and even the nature of routine activities or work the person engaged in throughout their life. And, because the dead were buried beneath the floors of the houses at Çatalhöyük, DNA fingerprinting will be used to examine the biological relationships of the burials within a single house, and through time as each new house was built on top of the remains of an earlier house.

All staff profiles were compiled in 1998 and may not be current today. We hope to give you a glimpse at some of the people who work and have worked at Çatalhöyük but for more up to date information about the current Çatalhöyük team visit the University of Cambridge Çatalhöyük website

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