alluvial fans in death valley

A River's Alluvial Fan Made Çatalhöyük
a Good Place to Live

9,000 years ago, Çatalhöyük was located on the banks of the Çarsamba River. In Neolithic times, as today, this river flowed north from the Taurus Mountains and spread its rich sediments in an alluvial fan over the plain.

picture of Peter Boyer
"In the Neolithic, this would have been quite a nice place to live. You would have had water for drinking, for washing. Animals would have been drawn to the river-ideal for hunting. People could have traveled south to the mountains in boats to gather timber for houses, and other resources. And the soil was fertile for growing crops."
Peter Boyer, excavator and environmental archaeologist, 2000

can you find the fan
why did they settle here 9,000 years ago? Do you see any parallels between the site now and 9,000 years ago?

Were there two populations at Catalhoyuk?

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