"I needed to categorize the clay balls in some way. I don't know if I will stick with these categories as my research progresses ... I'll just have to wait and see. Basically I have lumped the clay balls into three groups."

See Sonya's 1998 field report on the clay balls.

"The minute I saw the clay balls I knew I was going to study them. You can just imagine --my area of expertise is clay and pottery --I arrive at Çatalhõyük and find thousands of clay balls all over the site. WOW!!"
--Sonya Atalay


an assortment of clay balls, of different shapes and sizes

There are many different types of Clay Balls found.

Take a closer look at the types.

sonya sitting with clay balls all around her

How do I study the clay balls?

"I don't have a blueprint to work from. When people working at the site learned I was interested in studying the clay balls, a lot of people thought I was crazy. Actually I find all the different theories people have about what they were used for very interesting."

Questions and mysteries that I like to think about:

read other people's idead about clay balls

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