Roddy's Ideas about the Clay Balls

roddy pointing into and excavation "The clay balls we've found before, I mean we've found them in other houses -we find them in vast quantities, I mean we're talking about thousands .... hundreds of thousands probably on the mound. We're not really sure what they're used for. We think they might have something to do with cooking. Because they are found with ash deposits. Here you can see ash and charcoal which probably comes from fire.

"We also think that the clay balls were made by hand. Some of them were made very crudely because some of them have got big fingerprints and nail prints in them.

roddy holding clay ball "Some of them have strange markings in them ... we don't know why ... they might have been used for counting ... they might be used for some kind of bartering system. There is also the possibility that they were used as weapons ... when people annoyed you, you just throw a ball at your neighbors - but we're not really sure about that one."

-Roddy Reagan

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