Bone Rings

Naomi Hamilton's Gravew Goods Report 1997

rings X1-X5 are bone rings found on the left hand of juvenile skeleton 2119, burial the east-central platform of Building 1.

All five rings had been cut from a single bone and evidence of wear supported the excavator's belief that in two instances there were two on one finger.

Although they appear quite large, the hole is small, suitable only for a fairly small hand, and there is little doubt from the wear evidence that they were worn in life by juvenile 2119, who was buried with everyday rings on the left hand.

It is possible that only the two most worn rings, with wear patterns fitting them together, were worn habitually, with the other three for occasional use. Wearing all five would render many tasks difficult."

-Naomi Hamilton's Gravew Goods Report 1997

rings on a skeletal hand

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