"...a beautiful green stone pendant/belt fastener found between the disturbed femur and pelvis bones of skeleton 1955 in the north-west platform of Building 1. It is made of a semi-translucent pale-green stone, well-polished, especially on the back. 44mm long and 29.5mm wide, and pierced at both ends. The two long edges are reasonably sharp, as though it could once have been a tool, but no tools of this shape have yet been found and the stone is fairly thin (max 5.9mm). However, a couple of small celts of a similar stone have been found during the current work. Its position near the pelvis suggested it could have been part of a belt, but the burial was disturbed, and the excavator later decided that he was not sure this artifact belonged to skeleton 1955."


--Naomi Hamilton's Grave Goods report 1997

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