flint dagger

Flint Dagger

In building 3 of the BACH area Mirjana Stevanovic found a spectacular flint dagger with a handle of bone carved in the shape of an animal that looks like the head of a wild boar.

"This implement shows a remarkable skill of production and intimate knowledge of the properties and tolerances of the raw material, which is probably tabular flint, but of unknown origin."

It is now in three pieces (one 2210.X7 and two 2210.X8), together with a bone handle in the shape of a boar's head (2210.X9). The total length of the extant blank is 176mm, with a width and thickness of 35.9mm and 8.1mm respectively, with a tang of approximately 38mm length. Macroscopic striations on the reverse side suggest that grinding has increased the thinness of the piece."

-James Connely's Lithic Report 1997

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