Workshopping with the Summer Interns!

Friday, June 23, 2017
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Bilir Kasuh
Our First Worshop


Working on Cardboard Animation


A beast to haunt your darkest dreams


Saying yes in sign language


Love or money?


Working on Tensegrity


Bring me to life, with rubber bands


Samsam showing a tutorial

Hello! My name is Bilir and I’m working at the Science Museum of Minnesota as a Maker Corps intern this summer.

My co-intern Samsam and I led our first workshop on June 16th showing Play. Tinker. Make. activities to other summer interns. The activities we led were called Tensegrity and Cardboard Animation.

I lead Cardboard Animation which is an activity about linkage systems and perception. People would connect cardboard strips together with brass fasteners then decorate them with cardstock to make a moving animation.

Samsam led Tensegrity which is an activity about making structures with sticks and rubber bands. It was a good teaching experience for us because Tensegrity can be a bit frustrating for some people while to others, it was very interesting because how open it is to creativity and exploration.

The best part was hearing people think of ideas and sharing what they made with each other!




something constructed or created from a diverse range of available things.

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