First Experiment with WeDo 2.0

Friday, March 31, 2017
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Cindee Calton
WeDo 2.0 Car
This simple car is controlled via bluetooth by a computer running Scratch 2.0.


Side view of a simple two wheeled car controlled by a motor with a pulley on it
This is a side view of the WeDo car. The large brick is the SmartHub, which communicates the with computer. A simple pulley turns the wheels.


Top view of a car with two wheels and a pulley
This is a top view of the WeDo car. The small block on top of the SmartHub is a distance sensor.


Scratch blocks that are the basis of the program that controls the WeDo car
This is the Scratch program the controls the car. At first my program set the motor power to the distance. That had the reverse of what I wanted: the motor was on unless something got close to it. So, I reversed it by setting the motor to 100 minus the distance. That wasn't quite as powerful as I wanted so I added a two multiplier.

First WeDo Project

WeDo 2.0 Car in Action
Here is the WeDo car in action. Waiving your hand near the sensor makes it move. The closer your hand, the faster it goes!

Today I experimented with Learning Technlogy Center's new Lego WeDo 2.0s. Unlike the original WeDos, these WeDos are controlled via bluetooth, allowing them to be work without being tethered to a computer. I'm excited about the possibilities, but for my first experiment I just made a simple car.  Click through the slideshow to see pictures of the car and the Scratch program controlling it. 






something constructed or created from a diverse range of available things.

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