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October 4 - January 5

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Discover the human body exhibition that has dazzled and inspired 47 million people around the world!

Curated by Dr. Angelina Whalley, medical doctor and strong health advocate, the Body Worlds Rx human body exhibit gives us a better understanding of diseases and illnesses that may affect us or someone we know such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, dementia, arthritis, and obesity.

See more than 100 plastinated human body specimens, like:

  • Healthy and diseased organs displayed side-by-side to illustrate the differences.
  • You’ll glimpse inside the human body in a rare and authentic way as you learn about the importance of mindfulness and health. Body Worlds Rx is only here for 12 weeks - see it before it’s gone!

It’s up to families to make the decision about whether they feel it’s appropriate for their children to attend BODY WORLDS Rx.

To aid in this decision, we have a family and educator guide available on our website. It gives an overview of what to expect from the exhibit, encourages discussion, and provides conversation-starting questions.

Download the guide


A cross section of a human head at the Body Worlds Rx exhibit.

Through the preservation process of plastination, you’ll get unique views of actual human bodies and discover how they work in the exhibit.

A heart organ from the Body Worlds Rx exhibit.

Learn in depth about the body’s individual systems like the circulatory system, the nervous system, and more to gain a better understanding of how ailments affect the human body.

Body Worlds Rx exhibit image showing the human body of a smoker.

Learn how vital organs are positioned in your own body in the “Anatomical Mirror” display, get a time-lapse perspective of smoking’s impact on the body in the "Tobacco Body” portion of the exhibit, and more.

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