Birthday Party Planning Tips


How do we get to the Science Museum?
A map and directions are included in this confirmation packet. The invitation cards for your guests also list our website where they can find more information and directions.

Where are the party rooms located?
The parties take place in classrooms 9 and 10. Classrooms are located on level 2 of the museum. Level 2 can be accessed from the museum lobby by taking the Riverway elevators (next to the musical stairs) down to level 2. After taking a left out of the elevators, you can find classroom 9 and 10 at the far end of the purple hallway. Your child’s name, party theme, and time will be posted outside the classroom (either 9 or 10) where your party will be held. Party guests do NOT need museum admission wristbands to access the party room.

Where do we park?
The most convenient place to park is in our parking ramp. The fee varies. For more information, call (651) 221-9444 or see our website.

When should we arrive?
If you are

  • Carpooling to the museum and arriving as a large group: plan to be outside the door of your party room 5-10 minutes before the start of your party.
  • Having your guests drop off their children individually: please arrive at least 20 minutes before your party to meet your guests at the Education Entrance on level 2.

Where can our guests drop-off their children?
Your guests do not need to park in the ramp unless the parents are planning on staying for the party. Parents can pull into the Education drop-off circle to drop off their children. This is a fire lane and can be used for loading and unloading only. Please note that the Education Entrance is locked for safety and security reasons. Please plan to have an adult wait inside and open the doors for your guests.

Visiting the Museum Exhibits

When do we visit the exhibits?
Included in this packet are your dated exhibit admission wristbands. All visitors must wear wristbands while in the exhibits. Your group can visit the exhibits anytime while museum is open. Please call (651) 221-9444 or check our website for most current museum hours.

Will the party host accompany us to the exhibits?
No. The party host is not available to provide tours after your party has ended.

Where do we put our things while we visit the exhibits?
A storage cabinet will be available to you all day. The cabinets are located on level 2, just outside the party rooms. They cannot be locked, please do not store valuable items such as cameras, camcorders, etc. We are not responsible for lost and stolen items. Coin lockers are available in the lobby on level 5.


What kind of cake and beverage are available?
Cakes are from P.J. Murphy’s Bakery in Saint Paul. Cakes are made in a kitchen where peanuts and peanut products are present. Beverages are water and lemonade with the party plus package.

Can we order additional food?
Yes. The Science Museum’s in-house food service can provide extra food such as pizzas or fruit for an additional charge. Visit our website or call (651) 221-4511 for more information. All extra food orders must be placed by the end of day on Tuesday before the weekend of your party.

Can we bring our own food?
No. The only exception is if members of your group have severe food allergies. Please call (651) 221-4511 with questions.


Can extra adults attend the party?
Adults do not need museum admission wristbands to come to the birthday party room. However, our party rooms do have limited space and we ask that you take this into consideration. Wristbands for adults are included in your party package (number varies depending on the size of your party). If you would like to have extra adults visit the museum exhibits, you can purchase admission wristbands at the museum box office the day of the party. View current prices here.

What should children wear to the party?
All of the activities planned for the children are “hands-on”; play clothes are recommended. There are sinks in the party room for quick clean-ups.

All add-ons (Party Plus Package, pizza, Omnitheater tickets, etc.) must be ordered by the end of day on Tuesday before the weekend of your party.

Please call (651) 221-4511 if you have any questions.

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