Directions for Party Guests

Birthday parties take place in Classrooms 2, 9, and 10 located on Level 2, directly inside the Education Entrance.

Science Museum of Minnesota

For caregivers dropping off or picking up:
You may pull into the Education drop-off circle — please note that this is a fire lane and can be used for loading and unloading only. The Education Entrance doors are locked for safety and security reasons, so please coordinate with your party planner to have an adult wait inside to open them for you as you arrive.

For caregivers staying at the museum:
Level 2 is accessible from the museum lobby by riding down the Riverway elevators, located across from the Musical Stairs. After exiting the elevators and turning left, you can find the party rooms at the far end of the purple hallway near the Education Entrance doors.

For the most convenient parking, we suggest using the Science Museum parking ramp. Check current parking rates here.

education entrance

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