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Ed Fleming

Ed Fleming, Curator of Archaeology

Ph.D., University of Minnesota (Anthropology), 2009
M.S., University of Minnesota (Archaeology, Paleoecology), 2002
B.A., University of Minnesota (Anthropology, Art History), 1996

Phone: (651) 221-4576

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Ed Fleming's research focuses on the archaeology and material culture of North America, specifically the Upper Midwest during Late Pre-Contact times (ca. 1000 - 1400 A.D.). His doctoral research explored community relationships between villages at the Red Wing Locality through the study of material culture. Dr. Fleming has been involved in archaeological research projects in Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, Montana, Ireland, and Belize. Current research projects include investigating the Late Woodland and Oneota presence at Spring Lake, and annual field work in the Red Wing Locality, in partnership with Research Associate Dr. Ron Schirmer of Minnesota State University, Mankato.

Since coming to the Science Learning Division at the Science Museum in 1999 Fleming has been involved in a wide variety of projects. Current responsibilities include the acquisition and management of the museum's archaeological collections; researching and cataloguing archaeological collections; managing the laboratory for archaeology; the organization, inventory, and maintenance of archaeological collections; and providing content for exhibits and programs. In addition, he directs the Cordry Internship in Mexican Folk Art and the Ethnobotany Program.

Selected publications

In Review. Ornaments, Art, and Unusual Assemblages: Material Culture of the Red Wing Villages. Forthcoming volume of the archaeology of the Red Wing region, Dobbs, Clark A., and Ronald C. Schirmer, eds.

2005. Schirmer, Ronald C., and Edward P. Fleming, Archaeological Survey of the Arcola Prairie Restoration Project, Washington County, Minnesota, Department of Anthropology, Science Museum of Minnesota. Report submitted to the National Park Service, Lincoln, Nebraska.

2003. A Middle Woodland Copper Celt from Meeker County, Minnesota. The Minnesota Archaeologist 63:25-29.

2003. Red Wing Collections at the Science Museum of Minnesota. Minnesota Archaeological Society Newsletter, Fall 2003.